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We Strip All Your Items Free From Paint

About Our Business

About the strippers
Chip and his team at The Strippers have over 25 year experience with paint stripping and paint services, giving your items a new look to enjoy for many years to come.

We rid any of your windows, doors architraves and skirtings free from paint. We even prepare them for painting using our undercoating and varnishing services.

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Paint Stripping

Paint stripping
After many years of weathering and repainting, doors and windows get to that stage where the paint is peeling and the wood is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

We know there are many parasites who can live of your timber in your house, don’t give them the chance, drop your windows with us and we can protect your timber.

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Glass Service

boken glass
If your window or door glass is broken, we can have it replaced for you, saving you time going to the glazier.

We are fully qualified to replace the piece of glass missing or broken.

The finished door or window will look great with new glass and coloured putty.

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We service tradesmen

Many businesses and tradesmen dont know we deliver a huge number of items to the trade. This allows trades people to focus on their own trade. E.g we have painters who are really good at painting.

On the other hand, they know it would take them too long time to strip the timber, so they come to us for the stripping, undercoating and painting.

We can do it much better and faster because we are already working with the window at our workshop. It become even better for you if we need to replace glass as we can paint without masking tape.

And we simply put in the glass after the painting is done.

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