The Strippers

Our paint stripping services.

We remove paint from windows, doors and architraves.

What We Offer

We transform your timber items.

We provide a full range of paint stripping, glazing, and undercoating services to households and businesses in Brisbane and surrounds.

After many years of weathering and repainting, doors and windows get to that stage where the paint is peeling and the wood is exposed to harsh weather conditions. We know many parasites can live of your timber in your house, don’t give them the chance, drop your windows with us and we can protect your timber.

Another serious problem with older doors and windows is that they almost certainly have had a coat of LEAD paint. This means you have no choice but to remove the old paint yourself or call on the experts at The Strippers.



Bring your casement or timber window to life again with our paint stripping services. Our turnaround time varies depending on the size the job and weather conditions. Average time is 1-2 weeks.

Price for a window with 5 panels or less is $50 per window Window with 6 panels or more is $60 each. This includes stripping sanding and re-puttied.

Discuss any other requirement such as under coating or glass services.



Are your internal and external doors starting to loose the paint and need a remake. We specialise in all kind of timber doors stripping.

The average cost per door is $100 for stripping, sanding and re-puttying. Undercoating and glass services is available upon request.

Architraves and Skirting​

Architraves & Skirting

Don’t throw your old beautiful skirting and trimmings away. Let us do the hard work of getting rid of the old paint.

We bring them back to life again for you. Ask us about under-coating services if needed.

You will thank us again when you see how they come out, giving your home the right look and feel.

We strip paint from your timber windows
Timber Windows
Timber Doors
We strip paint from your architraves
Architraves & Skirting

We are good at.

Our Services

1. Door stripping
2. Window stripping
3. Architrave and skirting stripping

4. Re-glazing service
6. Putty service
7. Under-Coating

Come and visit us.

We are not far away from the city, located in Woolloongabba.