Who are the strippers?

We have passion for restoring.

If we could choose, we would love to see old timber doors and windows restored, instead of being thrown out.

Our Secret Sauce

What make us who we are.

The pure dedication to customer service bundled with the many years experience is what gives you a quality paint stripping service.

The Strippers quality service

Passion for restoration

We have been stripping paint from timber items over 30 years now. Our dedication to do remove old paint comes from our interest in restoring old windows and old furniture.

If we could choose, we would love seeing old items being restored, instead of being thrown out.

The Strippers quality service

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer service is excellent leaving you at ease when you drop off your items or have them picked up. We always go the extra mile to make sure you can meet you deadlines as well. For us, it does not matter if you bring in one window or 20 windows, we treat everyone the same.

The Strippers quality service

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Our Missions

Bring life to timber items.

We provide window re-glazing service
Re-Glazing Service
We specialise in timber door paint stripping
Undercoating Service
We bring life to your casement wooden windows
Paint Stripping